About Us

Limy's exceptionally powerful dedicated servers are built from high performance hardware and hosted in our very own world-class, highly dynamic operations center to give you 100% availability and reliability of service.

Our secure, top rated data centers with up-to-date equipment, multiple operating systems and AMD and Intel multi core processor server platforms are extremely suitable for established industry leaders and system admin professionals who want their server configured in a certain manner. We are responsible for monitoring the hardware, network connectivity and routing equipment with 99% uptime guarantee. Enhanced safety, anti-virus, anti-malwares and firewall software with timely upgrades are applied regularly.

Limy's state-of-the-art, first-class data centers are equipped with the latest technologies, multiple layers of security and constant monitoring of the premises, with redundant power and cooling, gas generator and the newest fire suppression systems. We have done our best to give you peace of mind when it comes to security. Our network is fully redundant and able to withstand any major disaster.

Our dedicated package details include substantial amounts of storage and bandwidth, unlimited data transfer, three dedicated IP addresses, over 150GBit uplink speed and much more. Your website and its associated software will be hosted exclusively on a Limy dedicated server's hard drives, which allows you to install and run almost any program.

If you decide on dedicated web hosting, our expert support team will take care of any difficulties you might have. Limy brings together skilled, experienced and responsive technicians who are willing to assist you with any problems or inquiries that can come up. Limy's primary focus is our client's satisfaction. Therefore, our impressive team is available 24/7/365 through online chat and e-mail, regardless of your geographic location or the type of the problem related to your dedicated server hosting.

At Limy web hosting, we are committed to providing excellent security, speed and reliability in the dedicated server business. We constantly deliver the top performing network and customer control at a reasonable price, with superior network uptime. Our highly trained network operations center monitors your infrastructure and responds quickly in case something happens. With Limy's security updates, evaluations and expertise, you can keep your systems locked down against unwanted intrusions. All dedicated servers are powered by SATA II and RAID mode hard disks, superb memory size and ultra redundant platform.

We offer the perfect solution for businesses looking to optimize their web presence and remain competitive on the online market by using hosting services with top quality, latest generation hardware and ultimate reliability of dedicated servers.

Managed Hosting

We manage your entire business infrastructure.

Dedicated Servers

Built using the best hardware. Power performance.

Virtual Private Servers

Host multiple sites with rock solid performance.