Legal Agreements

DMCA Policy

As specified by the terms of Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Limy respects its own intellectual property rights as well as the rights of any third parties. If you have reasons to believe that your intellectual property rights have been violated in any single way, you have to provide us with the information concerning your personal details, a description of the intellectual property that you claim has been infringed, as well as a statement claiming the accuracy of your notice.

Service Level Agreement

SLA defines Limy's responsibilities concerning the reliability of the hosting services we provide and your remedies in case we fail to meet our commitments.

Limy guarantees 99% network uptime and the critical infrastructure systems availability, excluding scheduled maintenance. Any inconsistencies or failures of the Internet that are outside our control can occur and such issues will not be considered a failure of the 99% service uptime guarantee.

We guarantee the functioning of all hardware components (processor, hard disk, RAM etc.). Any failed component will be replaced on short notice after the nature of the problem has been confirmed by Limy.

You are solely responsible for backups of all information residing on your server and Limy therefore assumes no responsibility for any data damages or losses. Also, any service interruptions due to the failure of any software provided by you or due to a force majeure event (unavoidable accidents) are not Limy's responsibility.

Acceptable Use Policy

This agreement is established with the purpose to protect Limy and its clients from any illegal or irresponsible activities and to ensure that the Internet is used for legitimate purposes. Any illegal activity such as invasion of privacy, credit card fraud, racketeering or other common illegal activities are a violation of AUS agreement.

If you use Limy's activities for any dealings prohibited by the law, it represents a direct violation of the Acceptable Use Policy. You may not use Limy services to distribute any offensive content such as adult content, hate speech, violation of other people's privacy, hacking or any conduct illegal under laws applicable to you or to Limy.

Any server abuse, fraudulent activities, child pornography, distribution of malwares, viruses and SPAM (sending unsolicited emails) are violations of the acceptable use policy and may lead to interruptions of service. Limy reserves the right to warn the customer, suspend him from the services or even terminate his/her use of our Services if his activities are in violation of our company, network or accepted Internet standards.

Managed Hosting

We manage your entire business infrastructure.

Dedicated Servers

Built using the best hardware. Power performance.

Virtual Private Servers

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