Terms of SERVICE

This Terms of Service Agreement is a legally binding agreement between Limy and its customers to specify our mutual obligations, fees and payment terms, maintenance and suspension of the services.

Limy dedicated hosting will provide the services and support to you during the term of this agreement in accordance with the commitments made in the Service Level Agreement. You are responsible for keeping your account or billing information up to date and taking security precautions in connection with the use of our hosting services. You also agree to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement as well as make all the necessary payments on time.

You acknowledge that Limy may suspend providing hosting services to you in case of avoiding payments, violating the acceptable use policy or if required by law. If the services are cancelled before the end of the current agreement period, there will be no credits or refunds issued.

Limy company may conduct routine maintenance tests or upgrades after sending you a prior notice, except in the case of an emergency.

Each party agrees to protect the confidential data of the other party and use it solely to implement its rights and obligations under this agreement and will not disclose it to any outside party unless required by a judicial order or a request by the governing authorities.

Limy will not be responsible for any incidental or indirect damages or data losses. We provide back-up services that are secondary to your own back-ups and disaster recovery efforts and the necessary technical support until the termination of your account. It is your duty to notify us about any security breaches and to maintain the cooperation with Limy during the use of our services.

All product and company names and logos used by Limy are Limy's exclusive property and no permission is given by Limy to you or an affiliate to use any such trademarks or company names. Such a use is a violation of the owner's rights.

Acceptable means of payment are major credit cards and PayPal and the payment is due on the defined monthly recurring billing date of each month. Limy may terminate this agreement upon failure of a customer to pay charges when due or in case your reseller account becomes delinquent. Limy has the right to change pricing terms to any accounts or services at any time but will never increase an existing clients web hosting account plan price.

There are no cancellation fees and your cancellations will be effective from the date the form is submitted. Until your account is officially cancelled via cancellation form, you are obliged to pay for your account even if you are not using it.

Attempts to cause harm to a company's server are strictly prohibited and you bear the full risk of loss of any content and software you place on Limy servers. You are expected to answer to support, billing and other issues in a professional manner when emailing or submitting online tickets to Limy.

If your account exceeds the allocated bandwidth volume depending on the hosting plan you have chosen, we reserve the right to suspend the account until you upgrade to a higher plan.

Limy takes zero tolerance stands against unsolicited emailing and spam. Users sending spam will have their account terminated.

We reserve the right to modify and revise these terms of service at any time. All users are subject to the newest terms that are posted here at all times.

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